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Our consultants offer their guidance to home-owners and investors to help them improve performance in terms of profitability, structure, strategy and quality. We assist throughout the entire development process from the concept/initiation to post construction.

01. Planning

The planning outlines the objectives and goals of the project through a feasibility study. Decisions made at this stage include how large the building of the project will be, the space that will be used and lastly a full scope of work.

02. Designing

In coordination with the client the team designs the entirety of the space to include but not limit: materials, colors, and textures.

03. Procurement

During this phase the project manager orders, purchases, or rents all the materials, tools, and schedules all services necessary to complete the project. This stage of the construction project can be more or less challenging depending on the full scope of the project, the resources availability, and the start date.

04. Construction

This is the project execution phase where all the planning, designing and procurement pays off. Before the construction begins, the project manager, design, and engineering teams have invested time and effort to make the project successful. During the construction phase, the center stage belongs to the contractor and subcontractors.

05. Post-Construction

Lastly, the post-construction phase is the last step in the process of completing a construction project. Now that all the work on the job site has been completed, the client and the project manager will complete a thorough walk-through of the project.
For us at iPin Construction a project close-out involves more than just the completion of our punch list. We love to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by providing the customer an all-around first-class experience through-out the entirety of our time together.



Think it. See it. Build it.

At IPIN Investors and Construction, we are proud to feature cutting-edge tools and market insight to help you visualize your design ideas from conceptualization to successful completion.

It all starts with your goals. You’ll work directly with our design team to bring your vision to life. This way, we can ensure perfect idea alignment before beginning any construction.

We harness the latest technology to offer our clients a complete 3D rendering of their design with realistic images and virtual reality videos.

Feel at ease knowing your ideas are in good hands.